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At Temp Electrix, the health and safety of both our people, and that of the people around which we work, is of paramount interest to our company.

Our Health and Safety Consultant, Mr Roger Rustom FIIRMS, provides consulation and advice ensuring we are mitigating risk at every available opportunity.

Roger provides regular review of our Health & Safety Policy, our Risk & Method Statements, and he has played a key role in the development of a safefy culture within the business that ensures everybody is aware of the importance of putting safety first.

Prior to commencement of works on site, our management team hold a site specific safety meeting with our site supervisors to communicate both verbally and formally information relating to any hazards or risks associated with the works to be carried out, including control measures that are to be implemented in order to safeguard against them.

Our Site Supervisors are then tasked with carrying out tool box talks prior to the commencement of works on site in order to ensure that all of our site operatives are in receipt of both written and verbal communication in relation to the above, and any additional risks identified by our site supervisors upon site assessment.

The company takes every precaution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our workers and those around which they work, and this includes regular review of our health and safety policy, our methods of working, the training requirements of our site operatives and the encouragement of constructive feedback from our site operatives in relation to any health and safety matters.


Company History
Efficient Designs

At Temp Electrix, we endeavour to engage with all of our clients at the earliest possible stage in the tendering process. This allows us to share our expertise and provide assistance with the preparation of a design that will facilitate the most feasible means of providing for your requirements over the course of a contract duration.

Company History
Remote Energy Monitoring

At our clients request, we have the ability to remotely monitor power consumption on construction sites. This service generates useful data that can be used to make informed decisions relating the elimination of generators and/or energy reduction policy’s at different phases of a project.

This adds value to the overall service we can provide, and has frequently yielded significant savings through the elimination of generators and/or energy reductions measures implemented at different phases of a project.

Company History
Eliminating Generators

Our design expertise combined with our ability to remotely monitor energy consumption has on occasions allowed us to eliminate or reduce the need for generators on site.

Company History
Recycling & Reducing Waste

Wherever practicably possible, we remove and recycle all packaging prior to delivery of our materials to site. We are also a registered waste carrier and any waste that returns from site such as plastics or metals from cable, or any types of lamps, are recycled in line with the legislative guidelines. Our environmental policy is available upon request.

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Our company management team have worked in the temporary site services sector for over a decade, and work references are available upon request.


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